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Hiro Bay, located on the shores of Lake Herastrau, offers you the experience of an esoteric journey in a mystical atmosphere. A unique design that combines natural elements and warm colors will teleport you into the fantasy universe of Jules Verne's writings. Legend has it that Hiro, the creature born in the deep waters of the ocean, was the bringer of good luck and hope for the sailors shipwrecked at sea. The atmosphere is vibrant through reflections and contrasts. A series of individually operated circular platforms have the role of putting the permanent visitor in a new perspective, being able to relate differently to both the bar and the lake.

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Ricardo Deus was born in a fishing village in the Algarve, in a family with a tradition in the culinary area. Ricardo cultivated his passion for gastronomy from the very first years of his life, and his formation began very early, later where he ruled several restaurants, both in the Algarve and in Lisbon. Ricardo's mission is to create a culinary experience as authentic as possible for Hiro restaurant customers by having a team they can rely on at any time, sharing all the things he learned from master chefs in Portugal.

Ricardo Deus - Restaurant's chef

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Ricardo Deus

Restaurant Chef

I think preparing food and feeding people brings nourishment not only to our bodies but to our spirits. Feeding people is a way of loving them, in the same way that feeding ourselves is a way of honoring our own createdness and fragility.

Austin Evon

Chief Bartender

A bartender is just a pharmacist with a limited inventory…

Taylor Roberts

Great Team

Friendly, available, attentive and quick to take care of customers' needs.

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01.hiro spreads 375 gr
91 lei

taramas, feta cheese with harissa, hummus, guacamole tzatziki, spicy feta cheese, olives, pita taramas, brânză feta cu harissa, hummus, tzatziki cu avocado, brânză feta picantă, măsline, lipie

02.sea bream carpaccio 150 g
85 lei

sea bream with lemon sauce and maldon salt doradă cu sos de lămâie şi sare maldon

03.tuna tartare 200 g
94 lei

tuna, miso sauce, lemon dressing, served with crispy bread ton, sos miso, dressing de lămâie, servit cu pâine crocantă

04.octopus carpaccio 150 g
99 lei

octopus, artichokes, capers, vinaigrette with oregano caracatiţă, anghinare, capere, vinaigrette cu oregano

01.wagyu tagliata with grilled broccoli and kale 500 g
280 lei

wagyu tagliata served with 16 yo balsamic vinegar, grilled broccolini and kale

02.veal cotoletta 320 g
102 lei

veal chop, parmesan, truffles mayo, pickles, season salad

03.grilled king prawn 400 g
169 lei

jumbo shrimp, crushed avocado and pico de gallo

04.grilled lamb chops 350 g
159 lei

lamb chops served with hummus and harissa sauce

01.buckwheat herbal salad and charcoal baked kale 400 g
59 lei

grilled kale salad with buckwheat, red hot peppers and lemon dressing

02.avocado chorizo and kumato tomatoes salad 400 g
63 lei

avocado salad, kumato tomatoes, chorizo, red onion, parsley and chilli

03.raw courgette salad and crispy phyllo 300 g
55 lei

baby zucchini salad, green onions, hot peppers, tahini dressing and crispy phyllo pastry

04.greek salad 500 g
65 lei

tomatoes, cucumber, olives, feta cheese, capers and bread with nero di seppia

01.lemon and zucchini linguine with fresh mint 220 g
64 lei

linguine with lemon, zucchini, feta and fresh mint

02. tagliolini vongole 450 g
98 lei

tagliolini with vongole, white wine sauce, parsley and hot peppers

03. shrimp casarecce 300 g
88 lei

casarecce with black tiger shrimp and bisque

04.caviar spaghetti 200 g
195 lei

spaghetti with butter sauce and black caviar

01. orange sponge cake with clementine sorbet 250 g
55 lei

portokalopita cu ganas de ciocolată albă şi sorbetto din clementine

02.lemon and grapefruit tart 250 g
52 lei

tarta cu lămâie şi grapefruit, crema de unt şi vanilie

03.soft brownie with madagascar bourbon vanilla ice cream, caramel and pistachio mouse 250 g
6 lei

brownie cu cremă de fistic, caramel şi îngheţată de vanilie bourbon

04.half-baked cookie and vanilla ice cream 400 g
58 lei

cookie cu îngheţată de vanilie şi pământ de ciocolată

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